Connecting People Who Can Provide Financial Assistance To Individuals Who Need Counseling, Students Training To Become Counselors, and Establishing Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Centers

Counseling Appointments

Provide counseling appointments to those in need.

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Invest in a student's future by funding their training.

Help Establish Counseling Centers

Sponsor a Think LifeChange Counseling Center.

What Makes Us Distinct?

Two words– biblical and counselor– are interesting when used together. If any speech, book, or counseling is to be considered biblical, God’s Word needs to be the text. The word counsel means “to consult, confide in, consider.” To be known as a biblical counselor, you must consult, confide in, and consider the person of Christ (Truth) in the Bible. Therefore, if one consults something other than the Bible for counseling, that person is not a Biblical Counselor.

Our Focal Points:

  1. We help people use the Scriptures to see the condition of their heart. Jesus said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man” (Mark 7:20).
  2. The Bible reveals that if sin is the problem, there is no human remedy.
  3. We teach that while sin is negative, repentance is the most positive word in the Bible and is the process used for eliminating the sin problem.
  4. Counselors guide the counselee into receiving a cure instead of simply getting relief. 
  5. Think LifeChange Institute teaches the biblical counselor to compare the counselee’s situation with a fixed standard, the Bible. 
  6. Think LifeChange Institute trains the biblical counselor to guide the counselee to understand how to use the Scriptures to compare the areas in which their experience agrees or differs with the standard of life that God sets forth in Scripture. Bringing the counselee to this point is the distinctive of biblical counseling.
  7. Think LifeChange Institute provides the biblical counselor with a way to help the counselee determine if they are living by the Spirit or by the desires of the sinful nature.


Our Mission

God’s promise in 2 Peter 1:3, “His Divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness,” shows us that we must acknowledge that God is our Provider. Our mission is to connect with people who desire to provide financial help for:

  • Sponsoring students to become Biblical Counselors, 
  • Counseling appointments for individuals in need, and 
  • Investing in establishing Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Centers.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to raise financial support by connecting people who have a desire to impact the Kingdom of God through the ministry of Biblical counseling.

  1. Locate and train potential Biblical Counselors. 
  2. Screen counselees who are searching financial assistance to receive Biblical Counseling. 
  3. Consult Think Lifechange Biblical Counselors in establishing a local Biblical Counseling Center.

About Us

As Dr. Skinner traveled and led conferences for many years, individuals would inquire where they might receive training and certification for the message that he was sharing. At the time he knew of no place to send them. 

Many believers, from members of a church to trained pastors and counselors, seek a way in which to counsel using the Scripture without the agent of the state limiting what they could share in the consulting room. In most states, a licensure limits one to the regulatory laws that govern counseling with the practice of psychology. 

Dr. Kerry L. Skinner, President 
President and Co-Founder of
Think LifeChange Institute
of Biblical Counseling

Elaine Skinner, Treasurer
Retired Children’s Minister
Retired Conference Speaker
Mother of one and Grandmother of three

Alison Veazey, Secretary
Co-Founder and Dean of Students of
Think LifeChange Institute
of Biblical Counseling 

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